About Dr. Kulin Kothari

Professional Occupation

Dr. Kulin Kothari is:
  • Chairman & Medical Director of Bombay City Eye Institute & Research Centre (BCEIRC)
  • Managing Trustee of Vision Foundation of India (VFI)

Both organizations are closely affiliated with each other and work extensively together for providing eye care to all strata of the society.

Educational Qualifications

  • First Year MBBS - 1st Rank in the University of Mumbai - 1974
  • Final Year MBBS - 1977
  • DOMS - Gold Medalist - 1979
  • MS - Gold Medalist - 1980

Specialized Training Abroad

In USA, UK & Germany in the fields of Cataract, Glaucoma and Refractive Surgery.

Academic Activities

  • Organized and attended numerous ophthalmic conferences in India & abroad.
  • Involved as faculty and speaker at various national and international ophthalmic fora.
  • Presented several papers on and conducted live surgery workshops at different hospitals for Phacoemulsification, Glaucoma & Refractive Surgery.
  • Ex- examiner for MS (Master of Surgery) in Ophthalmology, University of Seychelles American Institute of Medicine.

Special Awards Received

  • 'Young Achiever of The Year' award by Bombay Ophthalmic Society.
  • 'Giants International Award' for excellence in the field of medicine
  • The prestigious 'Rashtriya Ratna' award.

Career Highlights

Dr. Kulin Kothari has operated more than 1,00,000 patients.
Founding of Bombay City Eye Institute & Research Centre in 1992.
Founding of Vision Foundation of India in 1993.
Establishment of Navnit Shah Eye Bank in 2000.
Starting of two fully equipped 'Mobile Eye Clinics' in 2004 for the rural, tribal & slum populations of Maharashtra & Gujarat. Addition of a third ‘mobile eye clinic’ in 2012.
Primary centre at Gavhan in 2005.
Primary centre in Girvale in 2006.
Primary centre in Shahpur and Manor in 2008.
Expanded charitable eye surgeries across India with 42 partner eye hospitals situated in 17 states of India.
Reached 7000 eye surgeries target in single year.
Inauguration of C.U. Shah Ophthalmic Fellowship Centre on 16th June 2013.
Targeted 14000 eye surgeries in this year.

Date of Birth

March 31, 1955


Today, almost 65% of the patients visiting BCEIRC, through Vision Foundation of India, are treated at either highly subsidized rates or totally free of charge. Dr. Kulin Kothari has personally treated, by now, tens of thousands of patients from across the length and breadth of India and from 38 other countries of the world. These numbers bear eloquent testimony to the tremendous trust and faith reposed in BCEIRC & VFI and thereby to Dr. Kulin Kothari, the man who founded these two organizations of excellence.