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Out of the 15 million Indians in the dark due to blindness, 3 million suffer due to corneal blindness: 60% of whom are children. The major causes for this are infection, injuries, malnutrition, congenital disorders etc. Over the past 50 years, "Corneal Transplantation Surgery" is being performed in our country, which has a high success rate. However, the important requisite for this surgery is availability of high quality donor cornea. Unfortunately, eye donation is uncommon in our country.

60% of the people who are affected with corneal blindness are below the age of 12. It’s hard for a normal individual to walk in a dark room; then we can imagine how hard it to survive can get for someone who has lost his eyesight from a very young age. We have a chance to help them see this beautiful world, all we have to do is use the humanity in us and make the best use of our eyes after our death.

Eye donation is a way to give back to the society that we live in. We acknowledge our social responsibility and have taken a step forward in order to reduce the blindness in the form of Navnit Shah Eye Bank. ’ Navnit Shah Eye Bank’ allows each one a chance to perform social good by gifting someone with the light of life by donating their eyes. There is no feeling better than knowing that someone is watching the world through your eyes after you.

About Navnit Shah Eye Bank (NSEB)

Navnit Shah Eye Bank is a not-for- profit organisation committed to the noble cause of eye donation since its inception in 2000.

The spectrum of eye banking related activities undertaken by NSEB includes:
  • Public awareness programs about eye donation
  • Collection of corneal tissue from donors

Till date NSEB has collected 336 eyeballs

How we help you with your Eye Donation Practice

The Eye Bank team carefully removes the eyes without disfiguring the face.

Although it is only the cornea that is finally used, the entire eye is removed and transported in special containers

10cc. of blood sample is collected from the donor's body for testing.
  • The eyes will be evaluated by trained eye bank staff.
  • The cornea is used for transplantation to the patient's eye by a trained corneal surgeon.
  • Eye Banks are non-profit organizations and the retrieved corneas are supplied to qualified corneal surgeons.
  • The patients are called in accordance with the waiting list. Emergency cases are dealt with in conformity with guidelines.
  • Money can't buy eyes. It is gift only you can give, The gift of sight
Anyone of any age can donate eyes
  • Spectacle wearers and people suffering from diabetics, hypertensives, asthma etc. can also donate eyes. Patients who have undergone cataract surgery can also donate eyes.
  • Eye donation gives sight to two corneally blind persons. The process of removing the eye is called enucleation.
  • Eye can be donated even if they have not been pledged earlier.

Please contribute to this most humane cause.

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