Bombay City Eye Institute & Research CentreEye Care for all

Specialty Departments

General Ophthalmology

BCEIRC offers complete eye care solutions for common disorders like refractive errors, eyelid disorders, dry eyes and acute red eye. A thorough diagnosis is conducted by trained Doctors to address these and other eye related issues from the root level. They also deal with minor injuries and removal of any foreign article from the eye.


Highlight of this department in BCEIRC is the use of LenSx laser, world’s fastest laser, which delivers femtosecond laser pulses to the desired location in the eye. This is the most technologically advanced option for treating Cataract and ensures unmatched accuracy. This blade-less surgery conducted by trained and experienced doctors of BCEIRC is the safest procedure leading to optimum visual results. Other reliable options are also available to treat cataract at BCEIRC.


Medical, laser and surgical treatments are all used at BCEIRC to address this challenge which causes damage to the optic nerve. Efficient team of doctors work on the long-term management of Glaucoma and the associated complications that are likely to arise with this degenerative disorder. BCEIRC is equipped with all facilities, including OCT and GDX to diagnose and treat all kinds of Glaucoma.

Refractive Surgery

BCEIRC offers all the latest procedures like LASIK, PRK, LRI, RLE& IOL to improve the refractive state of the eye and decrease or eliminate dependency on glasses or contact lenses. Blink, an in-house Lasik centre of BCEIRC, is fully equipped with the finest Excimer Laser Technologies - Alcon Wavelight Ex500, WaveLight® Oculyzer™ II, WavelightOcuMel 80 Eximer Laser, Wavefront Analyser & Atlas Topography Analyser, which are used to painlessly correct vision in minutes.

Cornea & Ocular Surface Disorders

This department at BCEIRC is trained to deliver world-class care for a variety of corneal disorders like congenital and hereditary corneal disorders, corneal infections, allergic eye diseases and corneal dystrophies. It specializes in performing Keratoplasty using ALTK system, a surgical procedure to selectively replace damaged tissues with healthy corneal tissue from a donor’s eyeball.

Vitreous & Retina

Best in class instruments with highly experienced doctors work diligently at BCEIRC to treat the most delicate part of the eye - Retina. Topcon digital fundus camera, CarlZeiss Stratus OCT III, Alcon ultrasonography machine (B-scan) and Iridex Green laser are some of the instruments used to aid diagnosis and management of retina related complications. BCEIRC, also has a dedicated Vitreoretinal operating theatre with all the requisite surgical instruments & machines needed in the surgical management of these complex disorders.

Orbit & Oculoplasty

A complete management of defects to the orbit, eyelids and the lacrimal system is provided at BCEIRC. These treatments are extremely essential for both the functional and cosmetic corrections of the eye. Trained doctors of BCEIRC also handle Periocular Muscle Spasms and Periocular Ageing cases through Botox injections.

Paediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus

This super-specialty branch of Ophthalmology deals with disorders like refractive error, squint, amblyopia, childhood cataract, amongst many other ophthalmic problems in the children. With utmost care and technologically advanced equi0070ments, team at BCEIRC constantly work to ensure early detection and cure with minimum long-term impact on child’s vision.

Contact Lens Services

A dedicated team at BCEIRC oversees the procedure of evaluation and fitting of contact lens for adults and children. They provide and guide patients through a complete management of contact lense - inserting, removing, cleaning and disinfecting routines. Follow-up sessions to check the adaptability and to monitor the results are conducted by this team.

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